Buteyko for Emphysema, COAD & COPD

With these conditions (and sinusitis & rhinitis) a more gentle approach is required, but even after just one week people commonly make enough improvement to encourage further practice. Although not a cure, you should experience some improvement in symptoms, reduction in medication and improved ability to exercise.

Buteyko for Rhinitis

Breathing through your nose may at first seem impossible if you have chronically blocked nasal passages. The first exercise of Buteyko is nose clearing and learning correct breathing will keep your nasal passages clear. A clinical trial in Ireland produced excellent results in improving rhinitis alone (March 2008).

Buteyko for Sinusitis

The Buteyko method has been demonstrated to improve sinusitis, providing there is no severe nasal fracture, septum deviation or foreign body present. Over time, this usually means the frequent antibiotics taken with this condition become redundant.