Buteyko for Allergies, Hayfever, Anxiety & Migraine

Many triggers for allergies and allergic reactions reduce in power as your breathing normalises. During a course you will learn a simple method for clearly establishing your allergy triggers, which makes it easier to avoid them.

Hayfever was called by Professor Buteyko “asthma of the nose” – this condition responds quickly to the Buteyko method. Can Buteyko cure hayfever? Buteyko practitioners worldwide have thousands of case studies showing evidence of complete removal of all hayfever symptoms within 6 months of practising the techniques regularly.

Buteyko for Anxiety symptoms

Anxiety symptoms – over-breathing, and subsequent depletion of carbon dioxide (CO2), can in itself lead to symptoms and will exacerbate any feelings of anxiety and stress. The Buteyko exercises increase levels of CO2, even out the breathing pattern and go a long way to reducing symptoms.

Buteyko for Migraine

Low levels of CO2 resulting from chronic over-breathing cause constriction of the blood vessels is thought to be a main contributory cause of migraines and headaches. Using Buteyko breathing can lead to a lessening of the incidence of these painful episodes, and with continued use of the exercises and strategies, finally eradicating them.