Buteyko For Your Breathing

How is your breathing?

How is your health?

Check for yourself – take the ‘Control Pause’ Breathing Test.

‘Control Pause’ Breathing Test

Dr. Buteyko developed a test to measure depth of breathing and consequent retention of carbon dioxide, resultant oxygenation and health. He named it the ‘Control Pause’ breathing test. Get yourself a clock or stop-watch & try for yourself:

  1. Sitting down, close your mouth and breathe normally through the nose for  30 seconds
  2. Take a normal breath in through your nose
  3. Allow a normal breath out through your nose
  4. Gently close your nose with thumb & forefinger and start to count the seconds on the clock or stop-watch
  5. When you first feel the need to breathe, release the nose and take a breath through the nose – remember to keep your mouth closed throughout

The number of seconds that elapsed is your Control Pause. Less than 10 seconds, and you have health problems. Less than 25, your health needs attention. 30-40 seconds is satisfactory, while 60+ seconds is excellent.

Click below for our symptom checklist:

Learn Buteyko with us.

We empower you by teaching you a proven programme of exercises and stratgegies to normalise the breathing and relieve the symptoms arising from the 150 ‘diseases of deep breathing’ identified’ by Dr. Buteyko. These conditions which can be resolved by correcting the breathing the Buteyko way, include –

  1. Snoring/Sleep Apnoea
  2. Asthma
  3. Allergies/Hayfever
  4. Allergic Rhinitis
  5. Anxiety/stress conditions
  6. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder
  7. Hypertension (High Blood Presssure)
  8. Sinusitis
  9. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME
  10. Migraines
  11. Chronic HyperVentilation Syndrome (CHVS)
  12. Panic Attacks