Buteyko Successes

Benjamin Pierce-Higgins

“In my case, after two months working with the Buteyko exercises, I have more than just complete relief from the symptoms of ‘sleep apnoea’. I also feel well on the way towards a new relationship with, and questioning of, the fundamental act of breathing, and the role of breath in the overall health of the organism, mind, body, and feelings.” Read More

Janja G

“This course is an absolute miracle. Very soon after I started doing one on one Skype sessions with Linda, I noticed changes in my body and immediate reducing of symptoms which progressed as the time went on.” Read More

Joy Carlyon

“Definitely the way forward for me – and hopefully for you too!!! What a wonder! I have basically been spreading the word to anyone who will listen. Thanks again Linda.”  Read More

Chris Clayburn

“Linda uses her expertise in Buteyko and other disciplines, together with her experience in dealing with clients, to develop an effective blend of exercises & approach. You should also be prepared to do your part and be dedicated to the schedule and breathing exercises to get the maximum out of the therapy.”  Read More

Sarah Clench

“I have now been practising Buteyko for a year and feel fitter than ever before in my life. Friends now comment on how healthy I look! Naturally, I have recommended the Buteyko4Asthma course in Stratford on Avon to several friends and colleagues, who have now taken the course.” Read More

Karen Scales

With nothing to lose I am now three weeks into my Buteyko Breathing Centre Skype course and cannot believe the difference even in this short space of time. I have already been able to reduce my reliever medication and the tight feeling has all but gone.”  Read More

Simona Trendler

Long story short, it changed my life. After a few months of the Buteyko exercises, I had kept the asthma under control and I haven’t used puffers ever since; I don’t need them anymore. Needless to say, putting all those expensive medications on the shelf, the method is not so popular with the pharmaceutical industry, nor with the doctors. Understandably so…”  Read More

Ellie Deekes

“Approximately 20 years ago I was diagnosed with asthma. I had a persistent cough for which I left my doctors surgery with a prescription for inhalers which I had to take for the rest of my life.

The feeling of being diagnosed with such a condition aged 25 was a mixture of surprise and disbelief. In my mind asthma was a childhood illness and I was confused as to why I had shown no symptoms when I was growing up.”   Read More


“Dear Linda

We would like to thank you for the time, care, insights and patience you have shown to Cait and myself over the last 6 weeks. I have learned so much not to mention the benefits you have given Cait.”    Read More

Jyoti Hardy

“It is difficult to sum up in a few words the way in which Buteyko has helped me to deal with my COPD. That’s why I haven’t attempted to do so up to now.

But for fortune, I may never have seen the tiny advertisement in the local paper and gone along to the day-long conference on COPD organised by our local BreatheEasy group volunteer. I learned more that day and in the subsequent BreatheEasy meetings than I would have got from my GP in a month of Sundays.”    Read More

S. Sundaram

“I have had a cough on and off for the past 15 yrs or so. Along with it came the sinus problem with dust/pollution allergy. The medications helped but I would get the cough back every 2-3 months and I was always put on antibiotics. I finally consulted a pulmonologist who diagnosed that the chronic cough is due to asthma and put me on asthma medication.”    Read More

Laura Bierer-Nielsen

“Doing Buteyko with Linda Meads using Skype lessons for over a month now has significantly changed my life.    Read More

Zalina Abramkina

“18 years ago I suffered from chronic sinusitis since I was a child. Physiotherapy, antibiotics, etc. did not give any positive dynamics. Only after a full course of the Buteyko method, I was completely cured of the disease.”    Read More 

Malcolm Thompson

“Wow! Within 3 days of my firsts 90-minute Skype session with Linda, I was improving and could feel myself starting to breathe in a relaxed natural way.”  Read More

Robin Child

“I arranged to do a Skype course, which proved an excellent decision as Linda could professionally monitor my breathing exercises. These she had excellently planned with easily understood daily timetables and worksheets that were sent promptly..”    Read More

Paul Bell

“Since I was abroad working on and off throughout the year, I decided to go for the Skype webcam Buteyko course with Linda Meads over three months at the end of 2010. Being able to arrange the sessions to suit my own timetable worked very well. I was diligent and consistent with the Buteyko breathing exercises and followed the dietary and exercise advice given to me by Linda.”  Read More