Sea Salt’s Hidden Powers

“Seasalt's Hidden Powers” by Jacques de Langre, PhD (Book Excerpts), from Chapter 1 "Definition of Sea Salt"

sea-saltBeware of "Sea salt" Labels

On the labels of almost every packaged food, in supermarkets as well as health food stores, from frozen and canned vegetables to breads and meats, the name "sea salt" appears often. Reading this, we may feel safe and reassured, thinking that here at least, when it comes to the salt part of the ingredients, all is well, but all is not well!

This sea salt has been totally refined. At its very origin, it may have come from the sea, but:

  1. it has been harvested mechanically from dirt or concrete basins with bulldozers and piped through metal conduits;
  2. put through many degrading artificial processes;
  3. heated way beyond sun heat level in order to crack its molecular structure;
  4. robbed of all of its essential minerals that are essential to our physiology and further adulterated by chemical additives to make it free- flowing, bleached, and iodized.

To call what remains "sea salt" is a misnomer and a subterfuge. Read More.....


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