"To be healthy you need to breathe properly"

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Is Buteyko for you?
Would you like to be able to relax, reduce anxiety, improve your sports performance, enjoy good quality sleep?
Are YOU overbreathing? Is your health suffering because you are overbreathing?
Why not download this Hyperventilation symptom checklist to see how you score?

KEY TAKEAWAYS from your Buteyko Breathing Centre course.... 
* Reduction or elimination of asthma/hay-fever symptoms and need for Reliever medication
* Reduction in frequency and volume of snoring. Reduced need for CPAP machine
* Improved digestion and ability to enjoy food
* Balancing of metabolism, and normalisation of body weight
* Improved relaxation response 
* Reduction in severity of anxiety.  
* Reduced frequency and elimination  of panic attacks
* Improved mood, concentration and cognitive ability 
* Reduced reactivity to triggers (stressful events,  fur/feathers/pollen or food intolerances) 
* Improved ability to physically exercise 
* Normalisation of sleep patterns - quieter more restful sleep

Clinically Trialled results with Buteyko for Asthmatics 
50% less coughing, wheezing and breathlessness within two weeks
90% less need for reliever medication
50% less need for preventer medication within three to six months

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OR Skype us at - Buteyko.Breathing.CentreOur courses and Workshops are extremely effective - see testimonials page - however, Buteyko is not a quick fix!  In our experience of 13 years of teaching over 1500 people, anyone taking a Buteyko course who has a chronic health condition will benefit from ongoing support. 
Whether you opt for aWeekend Workshops or a One2One course, we design your programme specially for you.  

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